Hadidja Nyiransekuye, MSW ’00, PhD ’07

A survivor of the war and genocide that ravaged her native Rwanda from 1990 to 1994, Hadidja Nyiransekuye (MSW ’00, PhD ’07) is committed to ensuring that the horrors she witnessed are never forgotten. She recently published her memoir, The Lances Were Looking Down, and a conference she initiated, “Genocide Prevention – Remembering Rwanda,” is now in its third year at Metropolitan State College of Denver, where Nyiransekuye is a Visiting Assistant Professor for the Department of African and African American Studies. Her research interests include international social work with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan African women and forced migration, and her doctoral dissertation, At the Receiving End, is now a book available on amazon.com. Nyiransekuye is a frequent guest speaker, trainer and consultant on issues concerning Africa and cross-cultural research and practice.