Bradford W. Sheafor, PhD ’71

It would be difficult to overstate the impact that Colorado State University Professor Bradford W. Sheafor (PhD ’71) has had on social work education. He’s held numerous administrative positions since being named Director of CSU’s social work program in 1974, including ten years as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Applied Human Sciences and five years as Co-Director of the Family and Youth Institute. Nationally, Sheafor is a consultant for the Hartford Partnership Program in Aging Education, and he serves on the NASW Workforce Research Advisory Workgroup and the Past-Presidents Advisory Group at CSWE, which honored him with a 2006 Significant Lifetime Achievement Award. His abundant scholarship includes five co-authored books. Sheafor was a 2000 Visiting Fellow at Australia’s University of Canberra and a 1982 Fulbright Lecturer at Massey University in New Zealand.