Ben Fransua, MSW ’73 & Jerry Fransua, MSW ’78

Brothers Abenicio “Ben” Fransua (MSW ’73) and Geronimo “Jerry” Fransua (MSW ’78) have each made a substantial impact on Colorado human services and social work education. 

During his 35 years with Pueblo’s Mental Health Institute, Ben provided forensic, adult and geriatric psychiatric services, retiring as a clinical administrator in 1997. His affiliation with GSSW lasted nearly as long; he spent more than 26 years as an adjunct professor, Field Liaison and Field Coordinator. 

Ben was most recently coordinator of GSSW’s field education program in southern Colorado, a task sadly cut short when he died unexpectedly last July. His community memberships included the Mental Health Coalition for Older Adults, the Colorado Institute for Chicano Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and GSSW’s Minority Advisory Committee.

Jerry Fransua currently serves as Associate Professor and Chair of the Human Services Program in the Center for Language, Arts and Behavioral Sciences at Community College of Denver. Additionally, he’s been the owner and director of Multi-Services Clinic for the past 31 years, providing out-patient services related to substance abuse and domestic violence, and he is a clinical polygrapher, specializing in administering polygraphs to accused sex offenders.