Herman A. Washington, MA ’33

At a time when many charities and social work schools remained segregated, the University of Denver’s social work department recruited African American students from the start. Herman A. Washington (MA ’33), an African American student in the fledgling department’s second cohort, completed the program’s first research study on a multicultural topic: “The Negro Delinquent Child in Denver.”  Washington began his professional career as a caseworker for the Citizens’ Committee on Relief and Employment in St. Louis, then joined the faculty of Xavier University of Louisiana in 1936 as an instructor and field work supervisor.  From 1941 to 1953, Washington worked at the National Housing Agency of the Public Housing Authority in Washington, D. C.  He subsequently entered the U. S. Foreign Service, working in Frankfurt, Germany at the Office of Political Affairs and later in the Office of the American Consulate General. We regret that we have been unable to obtain a photo of Mr. Washington.